Sunday, March 31, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM PDT
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Embassy Suites, San Rafael, CA 
101 McInnis Parkway
San Rafael, CA 94903

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Marin Women's Commission - Marin Teen Girl Conference 
Marin Womens Commission 

Marin Teen Girl Conference 2019

REGISTRATION is Closed - but we accept all walk ins!



Workshops for 2019 

During registration, you will select 
ONE workshop for EACH session.

Session I

 A. Radical Self Love: Transforming your self-critic into the voice of your best friend. Presented by Loretta Lowrey, educator   (CLOSED - Maximum Hit)

Loving ourselves is a prerequisite for loving others and fully bringing our gifts to the  world. This workshop will explore having a wholesome relationship with ourselves and  cultivating self-compassion, the secret sauce of superheroes. We will also look into the voice  of judgment and shame as part of our emotional inheritance, something we all share. 

B. Ask a Sexpert even questions Beyond the Rainbow  Presented by Hana Afra- Planned Parenthood Northern California 

What’s the best type of birth control? What does ‘queer’ mean? How does someone know when they’re ready to have sex? Is blue-waffle a real STD? What’s the difference between transgender and cisgender? Everyone has questions about sex and sexuality, but it can be difficult to find accurate, understandable information on these important topics. In this workshop, professional sexuality educators from Planned Parenthood will answer all questions great and small! Ask anonymously or out loud in this safe space.

C. Secrets to Success: Panel of Successful Women Presented by a Panel of Dynamic Working Women  (CLOSED - Maximum Hit)

Hear from a dynamic panel of remarkable women  who will share their experiences in a range of careers. Learn what these jobs are really like and how to get started in these fields or the one of your choice. This is an opportunity to discuss the strengths of women in the workplace, what advantages they bring, and challenges they face. Each woman will offer her advice and insights on why now is best time for young women to soar in their careers! Our panelists include an attorney, a police officer, a scientist, a financial analyst and a politician.

D.  Mindful Teen: Using mindfulness to help deal with the daily stresses of a teenage girl Presented by Heidi Fulton  (CLOSED - Maximum Hit)

In this workshop we will explore issues most prevalent in teenage girls' lives like stress, anxiety, body issues and relationships. We will practice some mindfulness techniques to help neavigate changing emotions and build resilience. We'll talk about why the teen years are an important and positive period of growth and how to bring more joy and ease into our lives.

E. Girls Empowerment Guide to Having Relationships that Don’t Have Labels Presented by Isabella Farfan, Terra Linda High Junior, sponsored by the Center for Domestic Peace

This workshop will teach participants about healthy intimate relationships, how to set limits and to ensure physical and emotional safety and learn about the seven different types of abuse. Participants will also creat a plan for safety and consent in relationships.

F.  Hip Hop Empowers Girls   Presented by Kaila Love, Graduate of UC Berkeley, Certified Zumba instructor and Sexual Assault Counselor

Let's talk about empowerment. A conversation about the challenges of being a women in a male dominated industry. Showcase contributions of women artists. Provide a structure for participants to write their own rap.

Session II

A. Taking Control of your Unique College Path: A Girl Power Guide  Presented by Dr. Amy Morgenstern and Stacy Johnson

 In this workshop, you will:  Identify your personal qualities that are attractive to colleges Learn how to get organized for admissions while carving your own authentic path Brainstorming specific careers connected to your interests Set goals as the essential first step in time-management mastery You will leave the workshop with a: System for analyzing your profile and researching college opportunities Set of resources for continued organization and targeted, time-saving exploration List of recommended readings and materials on preparing for college Feeling of calm, clarity, and confidence!

B. Love Your Nature/Teen Real Talk  Presented by Emily Frost and Quetzal Francois  (CLOSED - Maximum Hit)

Are you looking for a place where you can be yourself and talk with other girls honestly about the deeper things in a shame-free, fun and supportive environment?  Our "Real Talk" workshop offers valuable information to help girls navigate the complexity of being a teen in these times, as well as decision making tools and space to practice and learn. Core themes include, Self Esteem, Body Image, Stress and Anxiety.

C. Sex-Planations for Grades 10-12 Presented by Planned Parenthood Northern California

 Each person needs to decide for herself what choices are right for her around sex. This workshop will help you explore your hopes, expectations, and limits; learn about the many ways to express intimacy, and feel confident in the choices you make about your own sexuality. Ask the questions you’ve been dying to ask about sexuality, safer sex, and relationships, in a fun and confidential space.

 D. Sex-Planations for Grades 8-10  Presented by Huckleberry Youth Programs

Join us for this session about how you can stay safe and strong in your relationships. We’ll talk about making choices, keeping boundaries, safer sex practices like birth control and condoms, and making sure our relationships are ones that make us feel good about ourselves. A safe space to ask questions to get the information that will help you feel confident and prepared in your choices.

E. Financial Fitness for Savy Teens Presented by Mary O'Mara , Monetary Values  (CLOSED - Maximum Hit)

Teaching Teens about personal finances: A fundamental understanding of budget, investment, retirement, debt and savings so that they are able to navigate their own financial life. 

F. Straight Talk with Law Enforcement : Personal Safety, Street Smarts to Teen Partying  Presented by Central Marin Female Police Officers

Ask the questions you have always wanted to ask law enforcement in a safe environment without judgement. Central Marin Female Police Officers will lead a conversation around teen inquiries, personal safety and rights and responsibilities as an emerging adult. 

Session III

A. Expect Respect: A Conversation on Boundaries & Consent Presented by Zephira Derbilch-Milea of Shalom Bayit  (CLOSED - Maximum Hit)
 Everyone deserves healthy relationships! This workshop will offer a safe space to discuss the differences between consent and true consent, how to check-in with ourselves, and how to identify our own boundaries of what we do or do not want in relationships and friendships. Included in the workshop will be tips and tools for asking for and giving true consent and how to set healthy boundaries.

B. Vision Board: A Creative Visual Journey  Presented by Michelle Klink, of Resolve to Evolve with Michele Klink Yoga  (CLOSED - Maximum Hit)

 A dynamic, creative and fun workshop to support teen girls to clarify intentions for change, fortify views of who you are and what you value, and manifest visions for the future. You will be guided through meditation and journaling to let go of past and inspire powerful intentions for the present. Together we will invoke playfulness for fun, creative journey, while designing your own personal visual collage for dreams to come true.

C. The Vaping Epidemic Presented by Jasmine Gerraty

 This presentation based workshop is a look into the health impacts, laws and regulations, and marketing tactics and strategies of the tobacco industry on our youth society today in Marin County.

D. Breaking out of Boxes: Gender Roles & Stereotypes   Presented by Evan Underwood, NHS Feminism Club Supervisor and History Teacher

Discuss in a safe setting words, ideals, and charectaristics of defined gender roles, how others try to put us in boxes and how to push back against gender stereotypes. 

 E. Be the Best Version of Yourself through Vinyasa Yoga Flow Presented by Robyn Cohen

This class will allow a safe place to practice Yoga and get away from all the "Business" and be Present! Build confidence, strength, patience and compassion while affirming your value and self worth through Breath, Asana and Meditation. 

 F. What is College really like? Presented by a Panel of College Students

Our panel of college “experts” – Marin high school graduates currently at colleges near and far will answer your questions and advise you on how to be prepared for life after high school!