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Lydia Campbell 

If you missed the Trigger Point Pilates therapeutic Workshop series 2 The plus size client, catch up on line. The TPP Mat work focus is on creating adaptations for your clients needs in your classes.

 If you missed the Plus size Client in Pilates you can now view in Catch up .

Simply choose your workshop of the bundle price. 

The TPP Restorative Therapy series is back starting in January 2022 ideal for your clients special needs. For you to complete on line in catch up Facebook groups if you cannot make the live session.

Each workshop will have some questions related to each lecture and class. On completion of all lecture/ workshops you will receive a cert for taking the therapy TPP series workshops this is level four pilates teaching.

Once booked you will have an email with all the links to join the Facebook lecture groups.  You will be having access to the recorded lectures and watching information films vital to update your TPP knowledge.

This series includes:

TPP Plus series 2 : Catering for the physiological conditions a plus size client has to contend with in a Pilates Mat. How you in TPP can help and change that persons attitude to themselves. As their function  movement is enhanced and fascia pain reduced.     

The new mum in class series 1:  A great recap on TPP mat  WITH A FOCUS on the post-natal Mum  adapting and supporting them to heal their body and mind with a new baby.  The signs you need to ask your client when they come to class either on zoom or face to face.

The post menopause client series 1: A great recap on TPP mat with a focus on the post menopause client with chronic conditions from Vagina Atrophy, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and oesteopenia.

The Back Client series 1 : A great recap on TPP mat  for  the Spine client with Chronic pain with updates on Back Health.

The Lymphedema Client series 1: A vital workshop to understand how the failure of the lymphatic system affects fascia pain, your clients health and their movement. Your client can suffer from this condition due to many reasons, most common is post cancer treatment to surgery and it is not about weight loss. Adapting and supporting them in class is vital to help them function in life.