Wednesday, January 11, 2023 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM CST
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Via Zoom and at Normandale College in Bloomington 



Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence 
Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence 

How to Effectively Lead Others By Managing Your Stress and Brain State 

January 11, 2023 Hybrid Workshop


A recent Gallup study reveals that U.S. workers are among the most stressed in the world. 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress. When stress is not proactively managed, there is a cost to your well-being and to your organization. Medical research estimates that 90% of all illness and disease is  stress related. Unmanaged stress costs businesses and the economy trillions of dollars in absenteeism, low productivity, and healthcare costs. Unmanaged stress negatively impacts your state and how you  lead yourself and others.

The  Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence —in partnership with the Performance Excellence Network--is pleased to announce a powerful new workshop: How How to Effectively Lead Others By Managing Your Stress & Brain State, January 11, half-day (9AM-2PM).  The workshop will be hosted in person (Normandale Community College, Bloomington) as well as streamed online.  The workshop will be facilitated by Shannon Murphy, CEO BrainSkills@Work.

In this interactive and engaging workshop, you will learn a neuroscience-based framework to manage your state, decrease stress, and increase your leadership effectiveness. You will learn and practice a suite of practical brain-based strategies and tools that are proven to help you perform at your highest and best and draw out the best in your teams. You will learn the science behind creating a brain-friendly work environment that fosters high levels of engagement and productivity.

As a special bonus, you will have the opportunity to take the BrainStates Awareness Profile as part of the workshop to gain insight into your own tendencies and how you can manage your state more effectively. Note there is also an additional post-workshop option linked to the Profile – see more below!

You will leave this workshop with a suite of tools and strategies you can immediately apply to:

  1. Manage your state effectively as a leader
  2. Create a brain-friendly work environment that fosters high engagement

An outline of both areas is listed below.

Investment is $245 for members ($490 for non-members). Discounts available for teams ($220/each for member teams of 3-4, and $195/each for member teams of 5+).  Lunch is included for those attending in person.  For those registered, PEN will contact you ~10 days in advance to confirm in-person or online participation.

Also, consider going deeper in your individual BrainStates Awareness Profile results, and sign-up for a 1-on-1 Profile 60 minute coaching debrief with Shannon Murphy, the creator of the Profile. Additional investment only $145 and space is limited to the first 10 registrant

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Workshop Outline:

  1. Manage Your State As a Leader
  • Discover why managing your state is important to performance excellence
  • Understand the impact of stress and how to avoid chronic stress and burnout
  • Learn about BrainStates Management and the impact on your decisions, perception, and self-awareness
  • Gain insight by taking the BrainStates Awareness Profile and receive an in-depth report with your results including skill building tips in each neuroscience-based dimension the Profile measures
  • Learn practical tools and strategies to recognize and manage your state effectively in the moment, even amidst stress and challenges
  • Practice and apply the tools to situations that cause you the most stress
  1. Create a Brain-Friendly Work Environment That Fosters High Engagement
  • Tackle the challenge of decreasing fear in the work environment and why that’s important
  • Uncover ways to increase safety, connection, and a sense of belonging
  • Learn how to influence other people’s BrainStates in healthy ways
  • Explore how the neuroscience of appreciation can positively shape a work culture and decrease stress
  • Leverage appreciation-based tools to increase innovation and creativity
  • Create an action plan to apply the learning back into your role


Shannon Murphy, CEO of BrainSkills@Work,  is a highly sought after trainer and consultant who helps individuals and organizations be more resilient, inclusive,  and more effective leaders.  She brings over 15 years of expertise and is a recognized thought leader. Shannon is co-author of book Neuroscience of Inclusion: New Skills for New Times, and the BrainStates Awareness Profile. She has successfully created and implemented large-scale training initiatives (20,000+ employees).  Shannon has an M.A. in Intercultural Management and Leadership Development. In 2012, she achieved Advanced Certification as a NeuroBusiness coach at Harvard. She is certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quantum Healing. She loves traveling, scuba diving, and spending time with her daughters.