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2020 USA Jump Rope (USAJR)

Regional Tournament Bids

Due September 13, 2019

Sanctions are required for all USAJR State, Sectional and Regional Competitions. 

I. Purpose of USA Jump Rope Sanctioning:

The purpose of sanctioning USA Jump Rope events is to ensure the quality of events that are governed by USA Jump Rope for all participants and coaches. 

II. Sanctioning Guidelines:

A. USAJR must consider the assurances of Sanctions for these events, as defined in the USAJR Sanctioning policies and procedures.

B. USAJR Sanctions must be secured through the USAJR Office for all state, sectional, or regional sponsored events.

C. Any USAJR adult member, who meets the following criteria, may make a request for Sanction:

1. Is at least 18 years of age

2. Is a current member of USAJR

3. Is in good standing with USAJR

4. Is certified to act as a director of event for which the Sanction request is made, if applicable 

D. All rules and procedures must be followed as outlined by USAJR in accordance with the sanctioned event.

E. A Sanction Form must be completed and retured by September 13th for Regional Tournaments. 

F. The director of the event must be present at the event and sign the request for Sanction Form. 

G. It is the responsibility of the event director to: 

1. Secure the facility to be used for the event.

2. Assure that all USAJR rules and policies are strictly adhered to.

3. Secure all judges and personnel necessary to ensure the event meets all USAJR standards and procedures. 

4. Assign Judges for the event. 

5. Utilize USAJR's tournament software for teh event and appoint a person to serve as technical director for the event using USAJR's tournament software.

6. Provide facility contact person and information for teh Additioanl Insurance Certificate if needed. 

H. USAJR will authorize only the accurate copying of the USAJR Logo onto merchandise for resale at the event by the host team. Please contact the USAJR office for the professional logo. 

I. USAJR will market and handle all registration and verification for the event and verify all entries with the Host. Upon completeion of the event, once the unused award ribbons and banner are retured, USAJR will submit 50% of the income after ribbon expenses are deducted to the Host Team. 

J. The event director must be knowlegeable of the USAJR rules, policies and procedures. 

III. Sanction Fees:

A. The Sanction fees for USAJR sanctioned tournaments are seventy-five dollars.

B. All Sanction fees are non-refundable regardless of purpose of cancellation of the event.

C. Make all Sanction fees payable to USA Jump Rope. 

IV. Violation of Sanctions: 

When an event director fails to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the USAJR Sanctioned event, action may be taken against the director by USAJR in the following manner:

1. The director may lose the right to host a sanctioned event for a period of one (1) year or longer.

2. The director may also lose his/her USAJR membership.

3. The sanction for the event may also be revoked causing, in the event of sanctioned tournament: to invalidate all awards and places earned by participants. 

Important Note: No skills/trick challenges are allowed at USAJR Sanctioned events due to liability issues.