Friday, June 21, 2019 8:00 - 10:00 AM EDT
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Joel Moses

An industrial psychologist with an MBA from the City University of New York and a Ph.D. from Baylor University, Joel began his career at AT&T where he was responsible for creating and managing state of the art programs to identify and develop leadership talent. He then established and ran a multi-million dollar consulting firm focused on executive coaching and talent identification. Joel has won several professional awards including graduating first in his class for his MBA; and receiving the Distinguished Professional Practice Award from the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He is a Fellow of both this society and the American Psychological Association and also holds a Diplomate in Professional Psychology. He has taught as a visiting professor at Columbia University, New York University and the City University of New York and has served as Chairman of the Board of the Medic Alert Foundation. He proudly serves as a counselor in the South Palm Beach SCORE office. 


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Handling Difficult Conversations

(You were often afraid to have)

We dread difficult conversations with a coworker, client or boss. The difficulty stems from fear of the consequences if things do not go as planned - so we avoid them. Yet there is a way forward, and in this hands-on workshop you will be given guided instruction and practice to learn and apply the principles of managing tough conversations at work, including:

  • Dealing with a difficult client, co-worker, or supplier
  • Reducing resistance to new ideas or new ways of doing things
  • Obtaining payment when a client is not satisfied with your work
  • Handling difficult problems such as insubordination, unfair treatment or favoritism
  • Satisfying a difficult client
  • Confronting disrespectful or hurtful behavior
  • Saying no to a client
  • What to do when the first approach doesn’t work

Led by SCORE Counselor Dr. Joel Moses, participants will master the technique of maintaining effective communication and sustaining the self-esteem of all involved while effectively solving problems before they become major hassles. Joel is an industrial psychologist who has trained thousands of business owners and managers to handle these types of conversations. Participants will have many opportunities during this workshop to try these techniques. If time permits, we will also delve into your specific situations raised by workshop attendees with the goal of providing a framework for these types of conversations.

Due to the interactive, hands-on nature of this workshop, space is limited to 12-15 participants. All participants will receive specially developed materials to enable them to take what they learn in the workshop back home.