Double Click on Life -Mind, Body, Spirit and Bring a Bag Lunch!


Jillian at Hannah Grimes 


Thursday October 31, 2013 from 12:00 - 1:30 PM 

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Hannah Grimes Center - Suite C, Conference Room 
25 Roxbury St.
Suite C
Keene, NH 03431

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Living with the Constant Call of the Virtual World - with Lyedie Geer

Thursday, October 31, 12 - 1 pm, Hannah Grimes Center, Suite C Conference Room

Double Click on Life - Mind, Body, Spirit and Lunch, bring a bag lunch! For busy leaders and entrepreneurs:

A monthly lunch date with your greatest resource—your well-being and effectiveness.  Learn simple practices that support your ability to stay grounded in your intentions and fulfill your promise. Each month we will cover a specific topic that address things like: time management, calming stress levels as they arise, Releasing performance anxiety, strengthening interpersonal communication, building confidence in uncertainty. Each session will offer a new practical tool you can use every day to hone yourself as an instrument.  

Living With the Constant Call of the Virtual World. Are you sleeping with your IPhone? Is your Inbox overwhelming? Is twitter twittering you? During this lunchtime workshop we’ll double click on how we manage our technology—what we’re choosing intentionally, what’s merely habit, and what’s actually a compulsion.  You will come away with a two-phase practice set for taking charge and running your technology effectively, as opposed to letting it run you. Check out THIS VIDEO to see how you relate to the call of the Virtual World...

Cost: free. Registration is required for attendance workshop.

Lyedie Geer is an Integral Master Coach™, Facilitator and Leadership Consultant. Combining her decades of love for the arts and social service with broad expertise in human development, entrepreneurship, and non-profit organizations, she assists people with making vital changes that are called for in response to the complexities of our world.

Coming Next:  The Power of a Pause: Skillful pacing of decisions and communications