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Honolulu, HI




PAC Certification Administrator 
Positive Approach, LLC 

PAC Trainer Certification

July 24-25, 2017

Honolulu, HI


Do you currently train or provide workshops to others about dementia? Or do you wish to begin to provide workshops to others about dementia?

This certification is designed for individuals who wish to learn to train others in Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care (PAC) philosophy, providing dementia related awareness, knowledge and skill development in a classroom, community or support group setting.

 PAC philosophy and care partnering techniques, including Positive Physical Approach™ and Hand-under- Hand™, serve as the foundation for the PAC Trainer Certification. The classroom training includes an in-depth look into learning styles, the Adult Experiential Learning Cycle (AELC) and the use of effective facilitation techniques. Upon completion of the classroom training, trainees have eight weeks to complete the remaining requirements.

PAC Independent Certified Trainers are licensed to train using the following workshop outlines: 

Workshop A – “Normal Aging/ Not Normal Aging”
This workshop helps learners understand and recognize the differences in “normal” and “not normal” aging. The workshop emphasizes the value of matching helping behaviors to the person’s needs and retained abilities to promote a sense of control and self-direction, and addresses typical issues that occur throughout the progression of dementia.

Workshop B – “Positive Physical Approach™ (PPA) and Hand-under-Hand (HuH)”
This workshop focuses on Positive Approach to Care "care partnering" techniques, including Positive Physical Approach™ (PPA) and Hand-under-Hand (HUH). These newly learned skills enable care partners to shift from simply "dealing with the behaviors" to creating a positive and caring environment.

Workshop C - “Teepa’s GEMS; Using Skills that Make a Difference” 
The GEMS workshop offers an overview of Teepa Snow’s dementia classification model (developed from the basic structure of Allen Cognitive Disability Levels). The GEMS model compares different states of being and ability to the characteristics of precious jewels. This dignified metaphor defines normal aging as well as the many appearances, behavioral changes, skill sets and needs of those living with the effects of neurocognitive failure (dementia) or other brain changes.

PAC Trainer Certification class size is limited to 25 participants in each location.

Qualifications for registration:

    • A college degree or work equivalent (please contact to discuss)
    • Minimum of three years experience in a health related field
    • Minimum of one year dementia related experience

Training Requirements:

    • Seven hours of documented online video training
    • Successful completion of assessments related to training videos
    • Review of the Adult Experiential Learning Cycle and completion of the Multiple Intelligences Self Assessment and Learning Style Assessment

Classroom Training:

Day 1: Positive Care Skills Review and Practice / 8:30am - 5:00pm

You will review and practice care partnering techniques with a PAC Mentor. Techniques include Positive Physical Approach™ and Hand-under-Hand. Though an intense and interactive process of mentoring and self-review, you will gain the skills necessary to demonstrate and teach others these important care partnering techniques.

 Day 2: Effective Training and Facilitation / 8:00am - 5:00pm

Teepa provides an in-depth look into the Adult Experiential Learning Cycle (five step learning cycle) and various learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) to equip the trainer with skills needed to effectively engage adult learners.

Post-training requirements:

Participants work with a PAC Mentor to complete certification. This requires timely follow up and completion of the steps below within an eight-week period.

  1. Call with a mentor to review Workshop Planning Guide and Multiple Intelligences
  2. Facilitate one workshop using the "Normal Aging/ Not Normal Aging" outline
  3. Submit a 20-30 minute recorded segment to be reviewed by PAC Mentor
  4. Submit at least 3 surveys from the first workshop

Learners become certified after successfully completing all training requirements. The individual must demonstrate a solid understanding of training material, PAC care partnering skills, facilitation skills and the ability to actively engage learners. Once certified, the PAC trainer is authorized to use PAC training materials to train others.

Trainer Agreement and PAC Education License will be made available to independent certified trainers, outlining proper use of provided materials and the necessary requirements to maintain certification year to year.

Note: The trainer certification is intended to supplement trainer knowledge and enhance credibility. It is acknowledgement that the trainer has the experience, knowledge and skills to train others in the PAC philosophy as it relates to dementia.

Training and Certification Fee of $1,800 includes:   

  • Access to PAC training website"Seeing It from the Other Side" three DVD set
  • Training manual with presentation and classroom materials
  • Seven hours of skill based classroom training, led by PAC Mentor
  • Seven hours of classroom training, led by Teepa Snow
  • Post training support from PAC Mentor
  • PAC Certified Independent Trainer Certificate
  • Training Workshops A, B, C
  • License to train using PAC materials 
  • Use of PAC Certified Independent Trainer logo as long as certification is maintained
  • Name posted on the website
  • Access to continuing education webinars

Annual Re-Certification Fee is $150.

Trainers are required to participate in continuing education through webinars provided by Teepa Snow and/or PAC Mentors as well as demonstrate continued competence in order to maintain certification.