John Shepherd 
SOCAL Chapter of RCI, Inc. 


Monday May 23, 2011 from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM PDT

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SoCal Gas Company Energy Resource Center 
9240 Firestone Boulevard
Downey, CA

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SHEET METAL FLASHING: A Symposium on Sheet Metal Flashings in Wall and Roof Assemblies 

The SOCAL Chapter of RCI, Inc. invites you to join us May 23, 2011 in Downey, CA for a day reviewing and learning about everything you need to know about sheet metal flashings in wall and roof assemblies.  The program includes the following sessions:

CODE REQUIREMENTS & STANDARDS: Basic CBC and IBC requirements, optional standards, sheet metal flasdhing basics: water holding vs. water shedding, accomadatiing movement in field and lap joints, recongnizing the consequences of metal movement, NRCA recommendations, sealing corners and transitions

SMACNA APPENDIX B: ATTIBUTES & LIMITATIONS OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF SHEET METAL: Sheet metal types and guage selection, SMACNA recommendations for stiffness, flexibility and formability, finishes and finish types, Kynar Hylar, anodizing, and others.

SEALING, SOLDERING & WELDING: How to solder bonds, mechnaical attachment with soldering, corners and transitiions, heating, welding, joint designs, moving joints, SMACNA soldering certification program, sealant ad sealant adhesion testing.

FIELD JOINTS: Accomadating movement in field joints, SMACNA spacing, review of joint designs, under and over plates, joint selection, standing seams, drive cleats, bayonet interlocking hems, lap joints.

WIND RESISTENCE OF EDGE METAL IN ROOFING ANSI/SPRI ES-1: ES-1 is a code requirement, wind up-lift forces and the effects on roof edges, requirements for tested edge flashings, securing nailers, membrane attachment, pre-manufactured and shop systems, licensed feabrication.

SHEET METAL FLASHINGS IN LOW SLOPED ROOFING & DECK WATERPROOFING: Using NRCA and WSRCA as design guides, integrating low-sloped roofing into different membranes, eave edge flashing, rake edge flashings, confined rake flashing, confined ridge, deck waterproofing, scupper integration.

SHEET METAL FLASHINGS IN STEEP SLOPED ROOFING: Using SMACNA, NRCA, ARMA, TRI etc as design guides, compliance with ICC reports, integrating steep sloped roofing into different membranes, eave edge flashings, rake flashings, confined rake flashings, confined ridge flashing, valley flashings, penetrations flashings, louver vent flashing.

GUTTERS: Explanation of internal/external gutters, good practice, profile design and options, approaches to movement considerations and expansion joints, sizing width to depth ratios, designing fronts lower than back, considerations for underlayment of internal gutters.

WALL FLASHINGSCounter flashings of roofing and waterproofing base flashings, reglets and counter flashing, windows and doors, misc. wall penetrations, plumbing pipes,electrical systems, hornizonal wall offsets, building expansion joints.

FLASHING DETAILS IN PROJECT DOCUMENTS: Code requirements, what is taught vs. what is learning after the fact, hazards of detailing left to bidders, appropriate level of detailing, when to ask for help, benifits of mockups with other trades, shop drawing review, water testing during installation.