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Thursday, September 23rd, 2021
2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

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Opportunities for Accredited Investors:
Pitch event with science and technology-based startup companies

Innosphere Ventures looks forward to hosting this pitch event for accredited investors to hear from investment-ready technology-based companies.

Investors will meet the CEOs from four companies currently raising capital, including: GelSana Therapeutics, Burst Diagnostics, Recycle Global Exchange (RGX), and XSONX.

The virtual pitch event on September 23rd is for accredited investors only to hear from impressive high-growth startups. Additional information on each presenting company, including the option to download executive summaries, can be found below.

GelSana Therapeutics
Healing Wounds Faster
GelSana Therapeutics has designed and developed novel wound dressing gels that provide superior healing to patients. The company’s hydrogel systems offer unique wound healing properties that accelerate wound closure, generate strong epidermal layers post healing, and enable controlled delivery of therapeutics that could benefit certain types of wounds.

Founder and CEO: Melissa Krebs, PhD.
Associate Professor in Chemical & Biological Engineering at Colorado School of Mines; 22 years of research experience.

Website: https://gelsanatherapeutics.com/

IndustryBiomaterials, Medical Device, Sustained Drug Delivery

Headquarters: Aurora, CO

Executive Summary: Click here to view/download.


Burst Diagnostics
Know Now: The power of a laboratory in the palm of your hands
Burst Diagnostics is developing a revolutionary diagnostics platform technology that provides the accuracy of a laboratory test with the ease of use of a home pregnancy test. Our initial product is a COVID-19 rapid antigen test that will be faster and more accurate than competitive products. Future product expansion will result in a strong value growth leading to exit via acquisition or IPO.

On the Web: www.burst-dx.com

Location: Fort Collins, CO 

CEO: Dr. Chuck Henry
Co-Founders: Doug Johnson, David Dandy, Charles (Chuck) Henry
Dr. Chuck Henry holds a PhD in Chemistry and is a Professor of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering. He is also a serial entrepreneur having started several companies leading to one successful exit and second company still in operation.

University: Exclusively licensed testing technology from Colorado State University (CSU)

Industry: Medical Diagnostics

Intellectual Property: 
Burst Diagnostics has rights to core technology developed at Colorado State University as well as it’s own growing portfolio of IP.

Executive SummaryClick here to view/download.

Recycle Global Exchange, LLC (RGX)
We increase your profits while solving your eWaste problems

Description: Recycle Global Exchange (RGX) is a B2B marketplace for eWaste and IT asset disposal (ITAD). A disruptive digital supply chain solution, our technology automates the entire process, from the initial transparent bidding through certifying the destruction of materials.

On the Web: www.recyclegx.com  |  Click here to watch video

Location: Castle Rock, CO

CEO: Sean Miles
Sean brings 20 years of experience to his leadership role. Specializing in the technology and telecom industries, most recently served as VP of Global Sales at Austin Tele-Services, LP (GATS), managing a multi-million-dollar business portfolio. Miles has also built and sold multiple companies.

Industry: Recycling, Resell, Technology Software

Intellectual Property
RGX currently has a provisional patent filed and planning to file full patent in November 2021.  NDA’s both internally and externally are executed along with contracts: (MSA, T&C, EULA) have been created to protect business process and IP.

Executive Summary: Click here to view/download.


XSONX™ Medical Technologies
Heal Wounds Better™

Description: XSONX is focused on novel treatments to improve wound hygiene.  XSONX technology improves how wounds are cleansed and debrided to remove devitalized tissue and bacterial biofilms.  Additionally, we have acquired rights to a pat. pending slow-release iodine wound dressing technology.   Together, these treatments can improve wound healing by eradicating wound biofilms, which otherwise affect up to 90% of chronic wounds.

On the Web: Coming soon.

Location: Charlotte, NC

CEO: Wade Farrow, MD
Dr. Farrow is an engineer, Certified Wound Specialist Physician, entrepreneur, and medical device executive.  He has over 20 years expertise in wound care.  Dr. Farrow has unique full cycle medtech success with his previous FarrowWrap invention and the company FarrowMed, sold to BSN medical in 2015.  The FarrowWrap garment is used internationally for wound care and lymphedema.

Industry: Medical Device

Intellectual Property: 
XSONX has filed US and PCT applications relating to its proprietary technology, with additional filings pending.

Executive Summary: Click here to view/download.