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Racial Justice Department
YWCA Southeast Wisconsin


Unlearning Racism: Tools for Actionę

virtual, six-part series examining the history and impact of racism and what participants can do about it

Eliminating racism is an ongoing process that involves a willingness to learn about, and begin undoing, the adverse impact of racism on individuals, organizations, and communities.

Unlearning Racism: Tools for Actionę, our six-part, 24-hour education series, gives participants the opportunity to learn about the impact, history and manifestations of racism and whiteness, and addressing racism in one’s own life. You are invited to make a personal commitment to the emotional and heart work needed to address racism. This course discusses racism personally, institutionally and structurally. You will be challenged and, at times, uncomfortable. If willing, you can begin building a community of antiracist colleagues. Course design includes time to listen, reflect, journal, and connect with other participants in two-way listening pairs, small group breakouts and the full group. Come with an open mind to deepen your understanding, or to build a network for systems change, or to simply foster community based on antiracist principles.

Our courses are predominantly white people. Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) are welcomed and wanted. All participants are encouraged to reflect upon and share their lived experiences on race and racism. Often this topic assumes BIPOC’s will teach on this topic. That is not the case here. That is the role of the facilitators. We invite people to collaborate with classmates on their next steps in addressing issues in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and community.

A link to James Causey’s article about attending the series in 2019 is linked here.


  • The Impact of Racism
  • The Roots of Racism
  • Manifestations of Racism
  • Understanding Whiteness
  • Your Role in Addressing Racism
  • Taking Action Against Racism


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