Mary Crandell & Lori Kiehle, Co-Presidents 
Shorewood Boosters 

Help us make clubs and teams accessible to all students! When you think back to your high school days, what memories make you smile? Performing in the school play? Playing in the band? Being on the field with your football team? Currently, 1 out of 4 students at Shorewood faces financial barriers to participating in the activities that make high school memorable. The Shorewood Boosters want to change that.

Starting with a fundraising campaign this month, Boosters will be supporting The Shorewood Experience, a fund to help students receive the financial support needed to fully participate in high school at Shorewood. The Boosters donations to this fund will be designated to provide support for students' participation in clubs and teams.

Administered by the Shorewood Family Advocate and counselors, students currently receiving free and reduced lunch will be able to apply for assistance with fees and other expenses associated with participation in the activity of their choice. The process is confidential with a quick turn-around to help make the step seamless for applicants.

Your donation to this fund builds the foundation for ongoing support of Shorewood families. Click the blue button below to donate. Visit our website to learn more about the fund.