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 Oct 1st, 2020 to Oct 30th, 2020

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John Puglisi, Event Coordinator




Looking for a SAFE British Classic Car Show? Welcome to the Sir Stirling Moss Trophy Virtual British Classic Car Show… Sponsored by the MG Car Club Washington D.C. Centre, to honor the late British racing legend, this virtual car show is a SAFE and FUN way to enjoy the British Classic Car hobby and the friendly competition.

We’re excited to have you join in the fun!   Please follow the directions below making sure if you’re entering more than one car you submit a separate submission for that car. Please remember the DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS NOW EXTENDEDTO OCTOBER 30TH AND THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING YOUR PHOTOS AND WRITE UP IS OCTOBER 31ST!

We will ask you to prepare the following information when we follow up with an email soon after your registration is complete:

1. Photos of the car:  a total of 5 required photos: Driver Side, Front, Rear, and Interior.  The last photo can be anything of your choice of the view of the car.  PLEASE, no photos including individuals or pets.

2. Write Up: This is as important as your photos! In fact, a separate award will be given for the best description and/or a notable experience with it of an entered car!  In one hundred (100) words or less tell us something about your car that is important to you. It could be an experience you (or someone you know) had in it; it could be features of the car you believe are notable; you might mention past awards it has received or how long you’ve owned the car—anything you think should be said about it.  Remember, however, there is a 100 word limit!  

P.S.: Once you submit your photos and write up, look for an email from us by Nov. 8th providing a link to the virtual catalogue of cars entered in the Show. You will be able see everyone’s cars and their write-ups there. You will also be able to vote as you review each car class. Voting will end on Nov. 15th and there will be a special ZOOM Awards Ceremony on Nov. 19th at 7 pm.  You will be given the link to that event when you submit your votes.  HAVE FUN!

Disclaimer: All photo images and car descriptions submitted become the property of MG Car Club, Washington D.C. Centre

Thank you.

John Puglisi, Event Coordinator