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Saturday, September 26, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM PDT

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This is an online event.


Saturday September 26, 2020  10am to 2pm

Advanced Practitioners Depth Daylong

Radiant Heart Qigong


Evolving Qigong/Neigong for Advanced Practitioners

The day will begin with a practice review of the Wudang Qigong/Neigong that we have researched together over time and include important standing meditation postures and 'four gates breathing'.

This is the Dragon, Tiger and Phoenix along with the 2 hara and heart field pulses.  In July 2020 I introduced 3 new qigong/neigong practices the Bear, Crane, and Golden Crown

Today we will learn and practice 3 more integrating practices:  the EagleEnhancing the Small Circulation-(Front and Lateral Pulse), and Turning Heaven and Earth

The rest of the Wudang practices I will include in the upcoming course on Energy Anatomy

Videos of the day will be available 21 days after the session for further study and review. Even if you can't attend the streaming, if you register, you will have access to the practice and teachings of the day.


~May this contribute to your systemic well-being and vitality~

You are warmly invited and welcome!

About the Daylong online:

Please sign on 5 minutes early with the secure Zoom link you will receive with your registration.

There are (2) 90 minute sessions with and hour break in between.

The session will be recorded for your review. 

There will be time for Q & A:

Questions can be submitted via "chat" during the session and the break. 

If you have other questions you can submit them confidentially to ~ we will respond after the daylong.

Your audio will be muted, and you can turn-off you video for privacy if you wish.

Teja Fudo Myoo Bell