Thursday, July 26, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM EDT
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Capitol Visitor Center 

Room # H-137

Entrance is located on 1st St. across the Library of Congress




Michelle Burnett
HUBZone Council


 2018: HUBZone Legislative Fly-In

Hosted by: HUBZone Contractors National Council 


The fly-in is a one-day education and advocacy event on Capitol Hill and a vital component to the council's efforts in achieving HUBZone Program reforms.  The primary topic at this year's fly-in will be Category Management and its impact on small business and the industrial base. Category Management will streamline the procurement process but in doing so reduce the number of eligible competitors and contracting opportunities. Category management is a serious issue impacting small businesses, and it is critical that we make our concerns known before it is too late. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns feel free to contact me the council at info@hubzonecouncil.org.



It is encouraged that each attendee schedule an appointment with their local representative. These meetings are important to our policy objectives.  

To schedule an appointment, please email your local representative to request a meeting. To find your local representative's contact information, please select Find my Representative . Make sure you get the name and email address of the office scheduler for follow-up. The schedule will be your point of contact and will either call or email you a response. 


Hello. My name is ____________ and I am a constituent with a HUBZone business located in ____________. I am calling to schedule a meeting with Representative/Senator ____________ during our legislative fly-in on July 26, 2018, between noon and 4 pm. I would like to discuss the HUBZone program and the HUBZone Contractor National Council’s priorities for 2018.”


Make the Meeting Valuable  (Helpful Tips)

The goal of Congressional outreach is to amplify the message the HUBZone Council builds in Washington. Start by introducing yourself, your business and the Council. Good meeting tips: 

Keep it simple: Members will likely not know the ins and outs of our policy requests. Likewise, you are not expected to be a policy expert. 

Keep it concise: These meetings tend to be short. Know what you want to say and focus on the “ask.”

 Share your story: Talk about your business and the importance of the HUBZone program to the community. 

Follow-up: Follow up matters. After the meeting, be sure to send the appropriate thank you email to the legislator and any staff members in attendance. If you discussed any items that need to be passed along, please do so. If the legislator asked you any questions and you need additional information, please feel free to have them contact the council at info@hubzonecouncil.org