When: Friday, November 18th, 2022 Where: Grappone Center, Concord NH with an online option available



8:00 am          Check-in

8:30-8:45am    Welcome Meeting

8:45-9:45 am   Keynote with Jonathan Martinis “Supported Decision-Making: From Justice for Jenny to Justice for All"

9:45-10:00am   Break

10:00-11:15am  Spotlight Sessions

11:15-12:35pm  Lunch, Networking and Speed Run   Resources

12:35-1:50pm    Spotlight Sessions

1:50 - 2pm        Break

2:00 - 3:00pm    Closing Session with Jonathan Martinis “Creating a Shared Route to Student Success: The Culture of Coordinated Support Model” 

3:00pm      Event Ends 



October 21: Registration deadline if you need an interpreter (per agreement with NDHHS).

November 4: Registration Deadline ALL

November 9: Last day to cancel and receive a refund, minus Paypal/CC fees. We cannot refund your money after this date. If payment has not been made, you will be billed regardless of attendance.*

November 9: Last day to switch between online and in-person attendance.*

November 11: Online access information emailed

*Contact us for options



Heidi Wyman 
Transition NH LLC 

The New Hampshire Transition Community of Practice

16th Annual Transition Summit

"When Students Program the GPS"

Transition planning should help young people learn how to set goals and make meaningful plans. When they learn these skills early in life, they are better able to achieve goals and navigate change as they get older. 

Join us for another exciting year of practical tips and tools for student-focused transition planning practices for New Hampshire students with disabilities that support self-determination and post-school success!

Registration is $100. This event will be in-person at the Grappone Center in Concord. An online option will be available. Pre-registration is required. Walk-ins are not accepted for this event. Registration Deadline is November 4th, or October 21 if interpreters are needed. CART services will be available for Keynote, Closing, and largest Spotlight Sessions.   

Keynote and Closing Speaker Jonathan Martinis and Jenny Hatch


Jonathan Martinis is the Senior Director for Law and Policy for the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University, leading its efforts to ensure that older adults and people with disabilities have access to the services and supports they need to lead independent, inclusive lives. 

 In 2013, Jonathan represented Margaret “Jenny” Hatch in the “Justice for Jenny” case – the first trial to hold that a person has the right to use Supported Decision-Making to make her own life choices instead of being subjected to a permanent, plenary guardianship. Since then, Jonathan has led SDM projects in New York, Nebraska, Ohio, California, Virginia, Vermont, Missouri, and Kansas. He has also educated and trained tens of thousands of older adults, people with disabilities, families, and professionals across the country on SDM theory and practice.  Jonathan has written or co-written over 60 publications on SDM, including the first textbook and first theory-to-practice guidebook on the subject.  



Keynote Session featuring Jonathan Martinis

“Supported Decision-Making: From Justice for Jenny to Justice for All"

Study after study has shown that when people with disabilities have more control over their life and make more decisions for themselves – when they have more self-determination – they have better lives. People with disabilities who are more self-determined are more likely to live independently, work, be integrated into their communities, and avoid abuse. 

This session will introduce the audience to the theory and practice of Supported Decision-Making (SDM). When people with disabilities use SDM, they work with friends, family, and professionals so they can understand their choices and make their own decisions.  As a result, SDM can help people be self-determined, have better life outcomes, and avoid unnecessary guardianship! 

Closing Session featuring Jonathan Martinis

“Creating a Shared Route to Student Success: The Culture of Coordinated Support Model”

Mr. Martinis' will help you apply what you've learned about NH services and resources to helping students navigate these same services. Too often, services for people with disabilities are "silo-ed" – agencies,  organizations, and providers focus only on what they do and do not communicate or collaborate with others providing similar supports.  As a result, people with disabilities can receive ineffective, redundant, or even contradictory advice and support.  

This session will demonstrate ways to create and implement effective and efficient support plans and services.  Using the Culture of Coordinated Support Model, based on SDM, people can improve their services and ensure that providers work together, allowing them to specialize in the areas where they perform best -  so people and providers can do better work in less time, with less effort and waste of resources.

Spotlight Sessions

75-minute sessions offered at 10am and 12:35pm will include:

  • Free resources and guidance available on the Next Steps NH website
  • Having goal-setting conversations with students
  • LGBTQ+ cultural competency
  • Q&A with Jonathan Martinis
  • Student-centered planning tools and techniques
  • Understanding family perspectives on transition planning
  • Extended Learning Opportunities and transition
  • Examples of what a successful transtion collaboration looks like when it works
You will not pre-select your sessions. If you register, you will receive a detailed poll prior to the event that will ask you to indicate your session preferences. This will help us match session interest to room size. On the day, you will attend whichever session you wish to attend.

For those attending online, we will livestream the Keynote, Closing, and the top three Spotlight Sessions with largest polling numbers. If you are attending online and are interested in sessions with lower crowd interest, we will have Transition CoP “online concierges” to help you! 

Speed Run Resources Lunch Break

We will have an extended lunch break to allow time to participate in a "Speed Run" Resources event, visit vendor tables and network, favorite hallmarks of this annual event.


Online Attendance Option

While we’re planning for and expecting a great turnout for an in-person event, we will be offering an option for online attendance. The addition of online participation in the past few years has increased access to the CoP for a larger NH audience, and that is important to us. At the same time, we are a group of mostly-volunteer, non-IT professionals, so we contract with MFI Productions to ensure quality life streaming, and limited additional tech support.

We will provide further information about accessing the livestream of the Morning Welcome Meeting, Keynote and Closing sessions.Spotlight sessions with the greatest interest (as indicated by pre-polling of registrants) on November 11th. 

We will also offer you access to NH Transition CoP volunteer  “online concierges” to help you connect to content in sessions with lower crowd interest, during our networking and speed-dating sessions.   

There will be a LIMITED ability to switch between in person and online until November 9th, which is also the last day to cancel and receive a refund, minus PayPal fees.  

Payment, Cancellation and Refund Information

Please be sure to complete the appropriate section with name and contact information of the person responsible for paying your registration fee, if not you. This includes informing us if your agency or school district is sending a Purchase Order (PO).

To receive a full refund (minus any PayPal fees) cancellations must be made in writing by 8am on November 9th, 2022. Cancellations received after this will not be eligible for a refund, as our financial obligations based on headcount are required at that time. After this date, the registrant will be responsible for all fees, regardless of attendance at the event.

This event does not have a rain/snow date. Please be sure you receive a confirmation email after registering. In the unlikely event of cancellation, registrants will be informed via the email address provided, and will receive information about possible options for recouping  professional development hours by the close of business on November 28th . 

*PLEASE NOTE: Registration IS transferable. If you experience an issue with attendance after November 9th, please contact us. If there is a waiting list of those who missed the November 4th deadline, we MAY be able to assist with transferring your registration to someone on that list.