Thursday, September 7, 2017 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CDT
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Union South
1308 W Dayton St
Madison, WI 53715


Felix Lu        

 Office: 608-262-6099    Email: fplu@wisc.edu 


For sponsorship opportunities, please contact the AMIC director, Felix Lu. These include general sponsorships as well poster prize sponsorships and range from $250-$1,000 and include a booth to display your materials.

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Joining the Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium

Consortium members:

  • Influence research directions
  • Identify potential future employees through early contact with students
  • Receive reduced rates at selected supporting facilities


2017 AMIC Annual Meeting 


The 2017 Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium annual meeting is the industry outreach event for the UW Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC). This year's meeting will update you on the latest instrumentation, networks & opportunities to participate in collaborative groups as well as talk to students to complement recruitment and innovation efforts at your company.

There will be a series of faculty talks on open questions and current challenges in state-of-the-art and trending topics, a small group speed networking event to talk to students, as well as student talks which were funded by AMIC seed funds earlier this year.

You can also use this event to informally meet and talk to faculty and staff. If you would be interested in this, please contact Felix Lu.


7:30-8:00     Breakfast

8:00-8:15     Welcome & MRSEC update (Nick Abbott)

8:15-8:25     Consortium update & overview (Felix Lu)                               8:25-8:35     Instrumentation update (Jerry Hunter)                                    8:35-8:55     Regional Materials & Manufacturing Network update (Dane Morgan) 8:55-9:15     Grainger Institue for Engineering update (Felix Lu)

9:30-10:30     Morning Poster Session

10:30-11:00   1st Keynote: Rebecca Willett "The Intersection of Big Data & Materials Science"

11:00-11:30    2nd Keynote: Dane Morgan "Materials research for Energy & Sustainability"

11:30-1:00       LUNCH                                                                             1:00-2:00        Small groups speed Networking                                       2:00-3:00        Afternoon Poster Session & Ice Cream Sunday break

3:00-3:20        Grainger Engineering Design Innovation Lab (Lennon Rodgers) 3:20-3:40        Biomanufacturing at UW Madison (Bill Murphy)               3:40-4:00        Order from Disorder: Crystalling New Functional Complex Oxides (Paul Evans)                                                                                            4:00-4:20        Metallic Glasses (Paul Voyles)

AMIC  seed projects (10 min each)

- Dr. Mehrdad Arjmand, SiGe-Graphene Heterostructures, a novel framework for transistors (Advisor: Lagally)

- Ms. Shu-Ching Yang & Mr. Yang Liao, Fabrication of a novel functionalized Meso-porous Material from Cellulose and Biomass for Heavy metal ion and formaldehyde gas adsorption (Advisor: Pan)

- Ms. April Yu, Thermal Camoflauge using an array of temperature controlled tiles (Advisor: Kats)

5:00-6:00         Facility Tours



 About the speakers (more details)

Prof. Rebecca Willett, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Rebecca Willett is an Associate Professor of ECE, Harvey D. Spangler Faculty Scholar, & Fellow of the WID at UW-Madison. She completed her PhD in ECE at Rice University in 2005 and was an Assistant then tenured Associate Professor of ECE at Duke University from 2005 to 2013. Willett received the NSF CAREER Award in 2007, is a member of the DARPA Computer Science Study Group, and received an AFOSR Young Investigator Program award in 2010.


Prof. Todd Allen, Engineering Physics

Todd Allen is currently a Professor at UW Madison and a  Senior Fellow at Third Way, a DC based Think Tank, supporting their Clean Energy Portfolio.  He was the Deputy Director for Science and Technology at the Idaho National Laboratory from January 2013 through January 2016. Prior to INL he was a Professor in the Engineering Physics Department at UW Madison, and was concurrently the Scientific Director of the Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility at INL.


Dr. Lennon Rodgers, Director, Grainger Engineering Design Innovation Lab

Dr. Lennon Rodgers is a mechanical engineer with a passion for design research & teaching. He has experience designing and building complex systems ranging from spacecraft to electric vehicles. He has led student teams that built a miniature docking port that is on the International Space Station, electric motorcycles for the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb - the oldest motorcycle races in the world. He teaches courses in the areas of mechanical engineering, product design and electric vehicles.


Prof. Bill Murphy, Biomedical Engineering

Bill Murphy is the Harvey D. Spangler Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Professor of Orthopedics & Rehabilitation, Co-Director of the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center, and Director of the Human MAPs Center at the UW Madison. His research focuses on creating new biomaterials inspired by the materials found in nature. Murphy’s research group is using new biomaterials to understand stem cell behavior and to induce tissue regeneration.


Prof. Paul Evans, Materials Science and Engineering

Paul Evans is a Professor of Materials Science & Engineering. His research interests center on the development & characterization of new electronic materials, including oxides & semiconductors.  His research group has contributed atomic and molecular-scale insight into the formation of thin films and developed novel x-ray scattering and diffraction methods employed in characterizing materials.  These methods often employ synchrotron x-ray sources and can provide insight into transient structural and electronic states with picosecond time resolution. 

Prof. Paul Voyles, Chair, Materials Science and Engineering

Professor Paul Voyles obtained a PhD in Physics from UIUC in 2001, was a Postdoctoral researcher at Bell Labs with David Muller, and joined the faculty of the Materials Science and Engineering Department  in 2002. His work focuses on the structure of materials with two primary themes: 1. studies of the structure of amorphous materials using fluctuation electron microscopy, a technique developed in his group based on coherent electron nanodiffraction; and 2. studies of defects & interfaces in crystalline materials & devices using extreme high-resolution imaging and microanalysis.

Dr. Mehrdad Arjmand, Materials Science and Engineering

After graduating with his MS in Mech. Engineering in 2010, Mehrdad worked as an engineer at SIESCO, an energy based company in Iran.  There, he worked on design of  energy projects for  industrial power plants.  During his studies at UW-Madison, Mehrdad developed mathematical models to study the effect of strain on growth and annealing of semiconductor heterostructures. While Mehrdad completing his PhD in the Engineering Mechanics program (2017) he  co-founded NovoMoto in 2015, where he manages the future directions, helps develop the NovoMoto MotoCore system line and runs the operations.


Ms. April Yu, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Zhaoning (April) Yu is a research assistant in Prof. Mikhail Kat’s group in ECE. She received her BS in physics from the University of Science and Technology of China in 2015. Her research interests lie in the field of optics and she is currently working on devices to modulate & emit light in the IR. April is a student member of APS, OSA, SPIE & MRS.


Mr. Yang Liao, Biological Systems Engineering

Yang Liao is a research assistant in the Bioproducts Engineering Lab. He graduated with a BS, Biotechnology from the Ocean University of China in 2012, and an MS in Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering from the University of Arizona in 2014. He is current pursuing a PhD in Biological Systems Engineering. He is a recent  recipient of the Harry Steenbock Academic Merit award.


Ms. Shu-Ching Yang, Biological Systems Engineering

Shu-Ching Yang recently graduated with an MS degree in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering (Advisor: Prof. Xuejun Pan). She received her BS and MS degrees from the Biological  Systems Engineering at UW-Madison.

Prof. Nick Abbott, Chemical and Biological Engineering & Director, MRSEC

Professor Abbott received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT  and was a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University. Dr. Abbott's interests revolve around colloidal & interfacial phenomena. They span fundamental issues related to the origins of colloidal interactions through to the application of chemically tailored interfaces in chemical and biological sensors, biomedical devices and separations processes. Prof. Abbott is the director of the Wisconsin Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC).


Dr. Jerry Hunter, Director, Research Facilities, College of Engineering 

Jerry Hunter is the director of research facilities in the College of Engineering. which are the Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics (WCAM), the Materials Science Center (MSC) and the Soft Materials Laboratory (SML). Hunter brings more than 25 years of experience in industry and academia. After earning his PhD in 1991, he worked at Philips Semiconductors, Intel Corp., Accurel Systems, Materials Analytical Services and Evans Analytical Group.

Prof. Dane Morgan, Materials Science and Engineering

Professor Dane Morgan obtained a PhD in Physics from UC Berkeley in 1998, was a Postdoc & Research Scientist at MIT until 2004, and is now a Professor and Co-director of the Wisconsin Materials Institute. His work combines thermo-statistics/kinetics analysis with atomic scale calculations to predict materials properties.  


Dr. Felix Lu, Director, Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium

Felix Lu works on industry outreach efforts for the MRSEC (through AMIC) and the Grainger Institute for Engineering. He received his PhD in materials science from UCSD in 2004 and has been at UW Madison since 2013. Prior to this, he worked at the Boeing Satellite Development center & co-founded a small company in Durham, NC, building MEMS-based optical switching systems.