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Suzanne Ellison 
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Monday, April 8, 2019 at 1:00 PM CDT
Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 1:00 PM CDT

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The Haven River Inn

105 Hwy 473

Comfort, TX 78013


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The Haven River Inn is owned by:

Lamb's Tale MInistries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry, devoted to Christian leadership care and general public retreat ministry.  Since 2000, we have offered annual "respite care" for Christian leaders at the Haven River Inn.  In keeping with our commitment to leaders, this retreat endeavors to "add life to your years."

Suzanne Ellison MD invites you to attend

"Food For Thought"

 at the Haven River Inn         April 8-11, 2019


You are invited to a workshop bringing a giant step into the Bredesen protocol that has been shown to help cognitive decline.  

If you are reading this, you may already have early Alzheimer's or may know and love someone who does. Or you may be hoping you don't ever get Alzheimer's disease, yourself.

And if you are the caregiver, wouldn't it be nice to have hope?  Wouldn't it be nice to get both help and rest at the same time?

Dr. Dale Bredesen has shown in a recent study of 100 patients that there is hope of some level of recovery from this serious disease.  


That's what this workshop is designed to do:

  • 4 days and 3 nights at the Haven River Inn just outside of Comfort
  • Eating food that is designed to improve cognition and neuron firing
  • Receiving an assessment from a Bredesen certified Functional Medicine physician who will recommend an initial multi-faceted treatment approach.  Any other further needed assessment will be mapped out as well.
  • Teachings, trainings and enough time to build your own plan of attack
  • Individualized care is so key. Because of this, though, this workshop is limited to six or seven patients plus their caregiver.

 Alzheimer's alone is inflicting 17% of 65 year old women, and 11% of 65 year old men, but among 85 year olds, the rate is 50%.

But we believe it is largely preventable and somewhat reversible --- often very significantly.  We all know cancer survivors, but only a few of us know an Alzheimer survivor. I am fortunate to say I do. 

Hi, I am Dr. Suzanne Ellison, functional medicine physician, certified in the Bredesen protocol.  And during this last year, I have focused on helping my Alzheimer's and cognitive decline patients implement the Bredesen protocol.   All of them have improved, whether they are suffering mild to moderate Alzheimer's or Mild Cognitive Decline.  The success is variable, and depends a lot on how fully folks can make lasting changes. 

Words my patients have given me:

"Yes! This has been an amazing experience for my wife & I!  So many people don't understand that with a dedicated health care professional, such as yourself, the treatment of Alzheimer's can be aggressively and successfully undertaken and experience favorable results!  Personally, I feel better each day and have a very positive outlook and look forward to the challenges ahead of us."  

from an Alzheimer's patient whose MOCA score went from 17 to 21 in 3 months and who is still improving.


"I came to you with such brain fog and fatigue, and now I feel ten years younger. My friends are all saying they notice I am myself again, well...almost.  Thank you for helping me with my health. I like it that my MOCA score went from 22 to 26!"

from a woman with food sensitivities and 'leaky gut' who got a reversal of her Minimum Cognitive Decline diagnosis.


I know that the cost of this 4 day effort is significant, but I am persuaded that the most expensive treatments are the ones not selected in time.   I am confident that the cost in dollars pales in comparison to the cost in misery brought on by this particular disease ... and will be saved many times over in a person's life.  

And though, as you will see, there is a "commuter" option, I think it is best if you stay at the Haven with the group.




EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT ~ take $50 off your total at checkout


For the first 2 registrants.





Meet the Team


Suzanne E Ellison MD

Suz head

Graduating from Southwestern Medical School in Dallas in 1980, she has been a family physician for over 35 years in Fredericksburg and Comfort.  But her practice shifted toward a more functional approach when after age 50 she developed five "chronic" illnesses -- that are now being treated with diet alone.  That success led to writing Do I Eat This? D.I.E.T? to help patients make adequate change to possibly accomplish the same thing. 

Over the last several years, she's become certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute of Functional Medicine with an additional certification in the Bredesen Protocol.  Her special interest in cognitive decline came from the fact that her father developed Alzheimer's at age 58, and it killed him before he was 70. 

In 2018, she left Cornerstone Clinic to establish SEE Wellness, a consult practice with offices in Fredericksburg and Comfort.  There she helps people "fight back" against what ails them with a systems biology approach.

Along the way, she co-founded Lamb's Tale Ministries which offers retreats and Christian Leadership Respite Care at the Haven River Inn in Comfort. 

She is married to Dr. John Ramsay, and together they plant trees, keep bees and have five grown children ... and six grandchildren ... so far:)



  • Three nights and four days at the Haven River Inn, a restful, yet motivating experience
  • A thorough medical consult with recommendations for further testing and initial diet, supplements and exercise program 
  • Delicious yet very healthful food
  • Hands on cooking demos
  • Coaching to develop your own food plan
  • Try out three excellent medical devices for promoting detox and improving your energy               

Other goals for you would be:

~     Recognize what blocks you from taking care of yourself both physically and spiritually.

~    Start changing while you are here and more easily continue when you leave.

  • NOT included in the workshop fee: 
  • Follow up with a health coach after the retreat
  • Follow up with Dr. Ellison also available 


So how much does this retreat cost?

VERY IMPORTANT: The price quoted is FOR TWO PEOPLE attending.  Cognitive decline patients must have a caregiver, spouse or otherwise invested person to accompany them to this workshop.   

Follow the link below to view pricing that includes a double occupancy room.  A commuter rate is available, if that is your preference, but you are strongly encouraged to stay at the Haven to get the most out of this workshop.   The next button takes you first to an email address entry point, which then takes you to all options and prices.   

Registration fees include:

  • The conference fee plus all meals.
  • A thorough medical consult with Dr. Ellison to be done on the first or second day of the workshop.  Your evaluation will actually begin prior to the workshop.  Via email, you will receive a patient information intake to fill out and return.  As well, your assessment will be far more helpful if you send your pertinent medical information such as labs, scans or other consults you may have already had via FAX to 888-276-0071.
  • Dr. Ellison is in an "opted out" status with Medicare, so the consult will not be covered by Medicare.  Private insurance or secondary insurance might cover, however. The amount of that portion of the workshop fee that can be attibuted to that consult will be determined upon request, and a paid invoice will be given to you after the workshop which you can file yourself.
  • For questions about these consult details, call Dr. Ellison's office, SEE Wellness, at 830-733-2071.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT ~ take $50 off your total at checkout


For the first 2 registrants.