Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 9:00 AM MST
Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 3:00 PM MST

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The Highlands at Dove Mountain 
4949 West Heritage Club Blvd
Marana, AZ 85658

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Michael Meshirer 
Talon Tactical Medicine 

Bring a friend!

Total cost for the two day training session is just $175.00. Bring a friend, it just might save their life.  


All Ladies CCW Class (Two-day event)


September 7th and 8th @ 9:00AM - 3:00PM each day

This is the very best Ladies only CCW Class in Tucson! This two-day event includes one day of classroom and one day of hands on practical skills at the range. You will have the confidence and skills you need to protect yourself and your family.

At Talon Tactical Medicine we value teaching the life-saving skills necessary to aggressively overcome a violent attack. You will learn to recognize a threat with increased situational awareness. You will learn to overcome the freezing sensation of fear and handle the threat effectively. 

The two-day course is an in-depth twelve-hour plus course for the beginner to advanced shooter. All firearms and protective equipment are provided to the students. TTM understands that everyone comes in at different skill levels. Our goal is to start at the lowest trained and work everyone up to the same basic level and proficiency.

  • Laws and State Statues concerning self-defense and what legal recourse a citizen has if involved in a deadly encounter.
  • The four levels or situational awareness, threat recognition, up to date statistics from FBI.
  • Firearms nomenclature and operating procedures.
  • Bleeding control and tourniquet usage with an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK).
  • Interaction with the police and 911.
  • Gun safety and proper storage.
  • Dry firing with Airsoft blow-back gas firearm systems.
  • Simple self-defense maneuvers.
  • Ballistics, how to select the right firearm and holster.
  • Getting to know the minds of attackers.
  • Malfunctions-gun cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Shooting fundamentals.
  • How to use cover and concealment
  • Psychological aftermath of a shooting
  • Expect to fire 50-100 rounds of ammunition-Targets and all training materials provided to include protective personal equipment, holsters, eye and ear protection.
  • Intensive muscle memory practice with airsoft firearms to include, target ID, proper magazine exchange, sight picture and sight alignment, maneuvering drills, trigger and breathing control, basic pistol marksmanship.
  • Experience several live scenarios and learn defensive tactics.
  • Personalized equipment consultation.
  • Students have the option to engage in airsoft exercises to test what they have learned.
  • Drawing from the holster, drawing from concealment, barricade shooting

All Arizona state paperwork is included and packaged for easy processing. At the end of the course the students will receive a certificate of completion which we recommend obtaining a copy to send to via mail to AZ DPS. Please do not send the original in case the original gets lost in the mailing process. Expect to wait 50-75 days for AZ DPS to process finger prints and the application. The AZ CCW permit is recognized in over 30 states as per written agreement of law.

TTM offers complementary fingerprinting to all students, usually sometime on the first day of training. TTM reserves the right to conduct fingerprinting on day two if they deem necessary. Students must be present during the fingerprinting session. If students are not present for the fingerprinting session for any reason, TTM is not going to provide the fingerprinting service. At that point, it is the student's responsibility to get their fingerprinting done with a different service provider.

The hardest thing you should ever have to do is TRAIN. Set yourself and your family up for success. Train hard live well.

Cost for the entire two day training is just $175.