Evan Marcus

Sounding Board™ Membership


We invite you to be part of a premier forum where Senior Leader's go for inspiration, ideas and peer support.  Sounding Board™ is a member's only C-suite group whose primary purpose is to gather best practices from genuine, high-performing business leaders with a proven track record of success. 

Unique to Sounding Board™  is our intimate back-stage access to extraordinary leaders and great organizations.  Engaging, inspirational, practical, immediate value - all sum up a Sounding Board™ visit.  

Click HERE to print a one-page fact sheet.  

Join now to:

  • Secure a front row seat at one of our upcoming back-stage Sounding Board™ gatherings -- we meet six times a year.

  • Discuss pressing business challenges and recieve guidance from fellow members in a confidential, collegial atmosphere.  

  • Start building relationships and friendships with a bunch of really smart, kind, nice people.    

  • Sign-up for four, one-hour Executive coaching sessions or schedule your Myers-Briggs Typelogical Assessment today.

                                  Annual Investment:  $3,500