Monday August 29, 2016 at
6:00 PM MDT - 9:00 PM MDT
Monday November 14, 2016

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Sandra Jaquith 
Higher Alignment 

The Ultimate Relationship Fulfillment Guide

             with Larry Byram & Various Facilitator Candidates

Mondays, August 29 - November 14, 2016
6 - 9 p.m. MDT

                          $297 in Boulder Classroom ~ $247 Webinar

Drop-In any Monday Evening for $37 ~ Webinar $27

The Ultimate Relationship Fulfillment Guide:

`A la carte perspective

Upon reflection and consideration, we all know what to do in relationships. However, we rarely take the time or make the effort to do it. This is because we want to make relationships difficult. We do not want them to work or be easy. We want them to be compromised, co-dependent and challenging. This course is for those people who have decide they have had enough.

We are going to talk about the big picture when it comes to developing ourselves so that we attract the right people. We are not trying to fix people or make it easier for them. This is because we have discovered that you can’t. People have to want to do the right thing for the right reason at the right time. All these shortcuts always end up compromising us.

Given this enlightened perspective, some people will find these discussions too confrontive. That is why we are not having a Free Intro class. You are either going to come and enjoy it, or not. We promise to give you the full truth and nothing but the truth. What you decide to do with it after that is your business. For sure, we are not here to tell you how you should be, what you should do, or where you should go.

What we are doing is taking the fundamentals of this work that we have developed over the last thirty years and asking ourselves, how can we make it easier to be in relationships?

All classes will be offered online as well as in person. Classes will also be recorded so that you can download mp3s, slides and videos for each class. This is provided for all purchasers. Click on the class titles below to register, or register for the entire series below.

The following principles highlight our discoveries.

Class Titles:

1.      Preparing For Quality Relationships—embodying the masculine and feminine within us so we operate with power and maturity

2.      Creative Empowerment—how do we recognize a good connection in different circumstances?

3.      Conscious Relationship Development—the irony of differences in consciousness and how we neutralize them

4.      Engaging Creative Options—what could we do to deepen into our relationships and improve them?

5.      Connection Rather Than Compromise—how do we choose partners based on creativity and not on sexual chemistry?

6.      Identifying The Wrong Partners For You—key indicators that tell us to run, not walk, to the exit

7.      Communication Opportunities—the magic of alignment, either natural or constructed

8.      Enlightened Conversations—knowing what to say and how to say it to maximize your creative potential

9.      Decision Making Between Partners—how do we bridge the gap between our needs and our partner’s needs to meet our common needs

10. The Power Of Authentic Life Expression (ALE)—how we manifest safety and security in our partner by taking greater responsibility for our contribution

11. Wholehearted Connections—the power of Relationship Skills to attract the relationships we desire

12. Unification, Trust and Integration—how Radiant Self Unifying Love transcends our differences