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Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference


Saturday November 11, 2017, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Sea Road School 
29 Sea Road
Kennebunk, ME 04043

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Approximate travel time: 
from Boston, MA - 90 minutes
from Portsmouth, NH - 35 minutes
from Portland, ME - 35 minutes
from Concord, NH - 90 minutes

LLL of Maine/New Hampshire



The Snack Table will be open all day, except during lunch. Everyone is asked to contribute a carpet-friendly, nourishing snack. If we all bring something, there will be plenty for all. To ensure variety, we suggest a donation based on the first letter of your last name. 
A-E: Baked goods (pre-cut into individual servings) or crackers
F-P: Fruit or vegetables (washed and pre-sliced)
Q-Z: 1/2 gallon juice or bottled water
To assist attendees with food allergies or sensitivities, please be sure ingredients are clearly indicated.



Lunch orders are no longer being taken. Conference attendees are welcome to bring lunch from home.



Photos from the 2016 LLL of ME/NH Area Conference courtesy of Black Dog Pictures.

Photography Disclaimer
We will be taking photographs during the event. By registering for the event, you grant to La Leche League and the photographer the right to take photographs of you, your guests, and minor children in connection with the 2017 La Leche League of ME/NH Area Conference. You authorize La Leche League and the photographer to copyright, use, and publish the same in print and/or electronically. You agree that La Leche League and the photographer may use such photographs of you and your family with or without your name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.

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Continuing Education Recognition Points (CERPs) for lactation consultants have been applied for from the Alliance for Breastfeeding Education division of LLLI through a providership with the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. Qualifying topics are designated “CERP.” CERPs will be charged $10 per session up to 3 sessions; for attendees wishing to take all four CERP sessions, the 4th will be free (maximum charge will be $30).

Online registration has now closed. Walk-in registration will be available on Saturday. Only preordered lunches are available on site. Please pack a lunch if you did not order one. 

Non LLL member $65
LLL member with current membership $60
LLL Leader, Leader Applicant, or retired Leader $55
Second adult (spouse, partner, or grandparent) attending sessions $10
(No charge for spouse, partner, or caregiver not attending sessions) 


You may pay by credit card online. A complete downloadable brochure with a printable registration form is available at the LLL of ME/NH website (

LLL of ME/NH offers support to EVERY mother.  If cost is a barrier for conference attendance for you or your family, please email <> with your request and an LLL Leader will contact you. Thanks to generous donors, full and partial scholarships are available and are confidential.

Day-of-conference walk-in registration is available for an additional $5. Lunch will not be available, and session selection will be limited.

Volunteers are eligible for a $5 discount for signing up for a day-of-conference task!  Please enter the code VOLUNTEER in the PROMO CODE box and indicate your preference on the registration form.  (If your spouse/partner is registering to attend sessions and also signs up to volunteer, enter the code 2VOLUNTEERS to receive $10 off.)  Be sure to click "Apply" after you enter the Promo Code.  

LLL of ME/NH offers a special incentive to encourage first-time attendees to join us at the Area Conference. If you have never before been to an LLL conference, you can use a special code to take $20 off the registration fee. (Please note that the code applies only to the primary registrant. Spouses/partners who wish to attend sessions still pay only $10.) To get this discount, enter the code 1STCONF in the Promo Code box, and then be sure to click "Apply."

  * LLL of ME/NH Area Council and Conference Committee members may take a $20 discount on conference registration. 
 * Conference speakers may take a $10 (per session) discount on conference registration.
 * Exhibitors who wish to attend all four sessions may take a $10 discount on conference registration. (Exhibitors who wish to attend only one or two sessions should e-mail <> to make arrangements.)
 * These discounts may be combined and may also be added to the day-of-conference volunteer $5 discount. For example, a speaker who is also volunteering for a day-of-conference task is entitled to a $15 discount. An Area Council member who is a speaker is entitled to a $30 discount.  

Please indicate the appropriate total discount in the PROMO CODE box by using the word DISCOUNT followed by the amount without a dollar sign (DISCOUNT10, for example). Maximum discount is $35. Only one PROMO CODE per registration is allowed. Discounts may be applied only to registration fees, not to meal costs. Be sure to click "Apply" after you enter the Promo Code. If you have any questions about discounts, e-mail <>.


Requests for a registration refund must be received in writing (e-mail or postal mail) and are subject to a $5 handling fee. No refunds will be made for requests postmarked or e-mailed after November 11, 2017. No refunds for lunch may be made after October 27, 2017. To request a refund, please contact: Kate Pennington at 123 Academy Hill, Newcastle ME 04553 or Refunds will be processed AFTER the conference.

See below for the list of sessions and speakers. A complete downloadable brochure is available at

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Session 1: 9:00-10:15 a.m.

101: Wow! I’m Glad I Called...Texted...E-Mailed!
Approaches to help an LLL Leader or lactation consultant calm a parent’s frazzled nerves, assimilate a mountain of information, and feel peaceful and confident about a breastfeeding plan.

(CERPs have been applied for.) Kathy Drury
102: Small People, Big Feelings - Session 102 is FULL - Please make another selection
Explore the magical years of two- to five-year olds! We’ll discuss setting and enforcing reasonable limits while still respecting emotional needs and independence, understanding these energetic children, appreciating the positive aspects of a growing personality, and nurturing a peaceful experience for everyone. Paula Manley

103: Peaceful Birth: What Is It and How Do You Get One?
What does it mean to have a peaceful birth? We all have a different image as to how we want our labors to go. We will talk about how to get what you want out of labor, what it means to have a peaceful birth, and how to create a peaceful environment for you and your baby. Sarah Kneeland-Campbell

104: From First Foods Onward
A discussion of when, what, and how you can offer foods to your little ones. This session will cover food in the first year of life and how breastfeeding fits into the menu. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. Katja Leccisi, MS, RDN
105: Inspiring Applicants, Inspiring Supporting Leaders
This session is for La Leche League Leaders, Leader Applicants, and anyone potentially interested in LLL leadership. Come meet with the Coordinator of Leader Accreditation for LLL of ME/NH for answers to your Leader accreditation questions. Could I be a Leader? What’s entailed in applying for leadership? As a Leader, what’s the process of helping someone become a new Leader? Melanie Kollman

Session 2: 10:30-11:45 a.m.
201: Tongue and Lip Ties: Working with Release Providers for Optimal Dyad Outcomes
Tongue and lip ties are being identified as a contributing factor in difficulties with breastfeeding at an increased frequency. This presentation will explore the team approach to care and will discuss how to identify and work with release providers. The learner will be able to identify release team member roles, characteristics of an effective release team and define team member expectations. (CERPs have been applied for.) Meggan Wehmeyer, DDS, MS, IBCLC
202: Parenting for Peace and Health - Session 202 is FULL - Please make another selection
When we focus on attachment parenting and loving guidance, we bring more peace and joy into our homes. Did you know it also raises healthier children and parents? This session will focus on being a “good enough” parent (and what that means) and identifying our own obstacles to peaceful parenting, and will introduce the Anatomy of Peace as a framework for relationship building. Conversely, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how they may affect development will also be introduced. Julie Allen, LCPC

203: Sandwich Parenting: Caring for Aging Parents
Raising your children while helping to care for your parents (or in-laws) can be challenging. This session will include strategies for coping and suggestions for how to balance everyone’s needs. Kate Pennington
204: Food and Your Family
This session (the second in the food series) will move beyond the first year and cover challenges such as fussy eaters and food at daycare and or school. We’ll also discuss how weaning might look, as the process is different for everyone. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. Katja Leccisi, MS, RDN

205: The Realities of Pregnancy Loss: When You or Someone You Love is the One in Four
One in every four pregnancies ends in miscarriage or stillbirth; one in four mothers is missing a piece of her heart. Society rarely talks about this reality, leaving that mother alone, scared, and without the support for the sometimes overwhelming feelings that accompany such losses. This session will bring this topic out into the open with personal stories, helpful information, and concrete ways for LLL Leaders to respond to families experiencing loss. Aimee Gerbi

Session 3: 1:30-2:45 p.m. 
301: Allergies and Breastfeeding
A look at the most common allergens and how they manifest themselves in the breastfeeding mother or baby. We’ll discuss allergy warning signs, strategies for coping, challenges to the breastfeeding relationship, and the most recent medical and nutritional responses to allergies in mother and baby. (CERPs have been applied for.) Helen LaPlant, MS, IBCLC

302: Raising the Child You Have
A look at the science behind children’s brains and behavior. We’ll discuss strategies for dealing with challenges and explore effective ways to create partnerships that foster your relationship with your child. Jenn Kaleta Hewson

303: Low-Impact Living: Tiny Houses, Zero Waste
Living life with a smaller footprint is a concept many of us are curious about. News shows, articles, blogs, and even documentaries are popping up about tiny houses, zero waste, minimalism, and more. Are you thinking of downsizing? Decreasing your impact on the Earth? Or maybe you’d simply like to incorporate a small portion of this idea into your life. Whatever your goal, come see how two families have made it work for them. Abbie Velez and Jenna Smith

304: More than Kegels! Pelvic Floor Health
Learn the importance of pelvic floor health for your pelvic organs, sexual function, and your whole body for long-term quality of life. We will discuss the influences of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery. This session is for you if you have a pelvis, are pregnant, or have a baby or multiples, and are of any age! Ryan Genevieve Bailey, PT, DPT, WCS

Session 4: 3:00-4:15 p.m.
401: Teas, Oils, Herbs, and Cookies: The New Lactation Grocery List
An overview of the teas, oils, herbs and foods that are frequently suggested as galactagogues (substances which are purported to increase milk supply). Are they effective? What are the potential side effects and contraindications? (CERPs have been applied for.) Helen LaPlant, MS, IBCLC

402: Fourth Trimesters Around the World
An empowering exploration of how other cultures, countries, and yes, even generations, approach postnatal care. We’ll open the floor to discussion and sharing of what we can learn from these different practices in order to better understand ourselves, mothers, and children. Brett Ashenfelter, DPT

403: Milk Sharing: Emotional Aspects, Communication, and Other Considerations
This session will offer the tools to support anyone interested in knowing more about milk-sharing. We will discuss the risks and benefits to be aware of, as well as milk-sharing culture and the expectations of donors and recipients when making a milky match. Sarah Russell and Michelle Kessler

404: In the News: Breastfeeding Controversy and How to Respond
Social media makes news and reactions almost instant, sometimes at the risk of giving ourselves little or no time for thoughtful consideration. How do we as individuals, and as representatives of La Leche League, best address the challenges of sharing accurate information and addressing media bias? Paula Manley, Tiffany Hale, and Niamh Viggiano

405: The Goober Dad’s Toolkit
Get an overview of the seven (yes, seven!) senses and learn the importance of challenging your baby with a variety of sensory and play opportunities in order to meet developmental milestones. Expect to come away from this session with a list of fun ideas to try with your whole family. Brian C. Walsh, MOT, OTR/L