Santa Cruz County SCORE 


April 18, 2018 at 1:30 pm

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Simpkins Family Swim Center 
979 17th Ave
1st Right Turn after the railroad tracks drivng south on 17th ave.
 Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Driving Directions 

Considering greening your business? Of course, it is about the bottom line. 

How to ensure your business is profitable without harming the environment

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and tools required to green your business today. Some of the obstacles small business owners have identified as reason for not making their business green include “Green is hard”, “We can’t afford it”, and “I’ve got too many other things to worry about right now”. You do not have to let this stop you.

The case will be presented of why green businesses are the future and why it will be advantageous for business owners to get green their business. The portion of a business which prevents business from being as green as they could be will be shared along with tools to help you guide your journey.

After the completion of this workshop the attendees will have the tools to turn their business into the eco-friendly, sustainable businesses they dreamed of. All while staying in business!

Key Topics:

  • Benefit of being a green business
  • Where to begin on greening your business?
  • The expected results – bottom line
  • Pitfalls to expect while becoming green
  • Green Business areas to address: Water/Energy, Waste, Travel, etc.
Learning Outcomes:

-         Why the time is now for businesses to go green

-         The impact of going green to the bottom line

-         How to transform your business into being more green

 About the instructor

Tony Green 

Clean-tech and Sustainability professional, Tony Green is known as The Voice of Sustainability. He is a passionate expert in the adoption of alternative energy technologies. Using his 15+ years of experience in high-tech and clean-tech as an engineer, sales and marketing professional and educator, Tony is known for putting complicated topics into easy-to-understand terminology. In short, Tony speaks “engineer” AND he speaks “people.