March 14, 2018

March 21, 2018

March 28, 2018

from 6:30PM-8:00PM

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This training is a live webinar, you must participate in all nights. 

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Nicole Miles
Southeast Education Professionals Partnership

Children on the Autism Spectrum




 Course Description: With 1 in 68 children in the US being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Centers for Disease Control, 2015) it is increasingly important for early childhood educators and care givers to learn more about supporting children with autism. This session will provide you will detailed information including typical behaviors and interaction styles of a child with ASD and the challenges and stressors to the family with a child with ASD.  You will take a look at adapting communication, environment, and interactions to support the inclusion of a child with ASD and you will receive a collection of resources to support children with ASD.

Course Objectives:
1. Define Autism Spectrum Disorder, including the changes in diagnosis and terminology as of 2013. Describe the diagnosis and assessment methods of ASD;
2. Identify early signs of ASD;
3. List the health and safety issues of children with ASD and describe  strategies and resources for families whose children have ASD;
4. Describe the stages and goals of communication for a child with ASD;
5. Explore types of alternative devices and types of communication that are  commonly used with children with ASD;
6. Describe typical environmental challenges for children with ASD and identify  strategies to meet these challenges within a child care program;
7. Investigate the learning and play styles of children with ASD and  plan for  adaptations to interactions to support children with ASD in a child care program;
8. Identify the stressors and challenges for families of children with ASD and measures educators can take to support these families;
9. Explore resources to support further learning about ASD and to share with  families.

More Information

EEC Training Hours: 5

CEU: 0.5

QRIS Standard Alignment: Workforce Development and Professional Qualifications

Core Competency: 2: Guiding and Interacting with Children and Youth

This training is funded in part by the Department of Early Education and Care              

and sponsored by the Southeast Education Professionals Partnership

Lead Agency - Child Development and Education, Inc.