Wednesday, May 15, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EDT
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Slayton House: Bill White Conference Room 
10400 Cross Fox Lane
Columbia, MD 21044

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April Rimpo and Elaine Weiner-Reed 
Elaine Weiner-Reed and April M. Rimpo 

May 15 2019: Creative ART Coaching with Elaine Weiner-Reed and April M Rimpo 

Creative ART Coaching with Elaine Weiner-Reed and April Rimpo is a 2.5 hour event designed to be an  interactive session focused on helping serious artists looking to bring their art and their art business to a new level. Time: 1:00 PM to 3:30PM.  

This seminar is probably right for you if these are some of your quesitons:  

  • Are you stuck or in a rut professionally?
  • Do you want to discuss your goals with other professional artists?
  • Do you want to hear suggestions and tips from other artists?
  • What are your business goals?
  • How much exposure are you seeking and where (e.g., exhibitions, galleries)?
  • What stage are you at professionally and what steps might you take next?
  • How do you know if you are ready for the next step?
  • Where do you stand on building a portfolio? Do you know what it should look like?
  • What is your exhibition history? Ready for the group or solo show? How do you decide what is right... and when?
  • What are some steps to researching a gallery to show your work? What is your criteria?
  • How should you price your work?
  • What is meant by "a consistent body of work" and do you have one?
A maximum of 7 students will be accepted into the coaching session. Each person will provide from two to four questions/areas of interest they would like discussed during the session. The entire group will be present throughout the full 2.5 hours of the coaching session. For our team coaching to be most effective, we ask each participant to focus on a particular aspect or specific goal of your art business where you desire assistance. Overly broad or generic questions have been found to be less-beneficial to every participant. We want optimum benefits for all.

Come prepared to focus on your specific art business questions, challenges, or goals. Considering the aforementioned list of questions will help you arrive at your own set of key questions for this select group!

Opening Remarks: The session will begin with a coach-provided overview of your questions or areas of interest. This will get the dialogue started. Following our introductory remarks, we will give you a few minutes to refine your focus questions to make the most of your personal 15-minute Coaching session. Following our introductory remarks, we will circle through the group and spend 15 minutes with each student to discuss their area of interest.

Individualized Coaching: How your personal 15-minute segment works: For each person, Elaine and April will both listen and respond during your personal session. You will summarize your hurdle and may direct questions to either or both artists, and both will provide input to varying degrees according to their expertise.

Protocol: Respect and Mutual Support. All students are asked to remain attentive throughout the full 2.5 hours of Creative ART CoachingStudents are asked listen during these others' individual 15-minute sessions. In that way, everyone can learn from each other’s questions and the responses.  The Coaches have found that students always benefit from listening to other student’s questions (as well as our responses). Progressively through the class, you will likely discover possible answers to your own questions and hurdles. You may discover alternatives in the form of different paths and different problem-solving approaches to your business challenges. You might discover different and new creative ways of thinking about what you might need to do instead. Keeping one’s mind open to alternatives in our art careers is extremely important, for no one’s journey exactly corresponds to another’s.  If another class discussion triggers a new idea or question YOU, you can jot it done and post it to our Q & A Board. Questions will be discussed as time permits. If several questions remain, your coaches will respond and share public Q&A exchanges to the coaching session attendees in a  Post-Coaching Seminar email .

Wrap-Up: At the end of the Coaching session there will be a wrap-up by April and Elaine and Q&A as time allows. April and Elaine will also provide information on cost and additional times and dates should you wish individual or team coaching sessions and classes. Meanwhile, April and Elaine look forward to seeing you and helping you with your art and art business.

You are encouraged to bring your own coffee, tea, water, and “quiet” snacks. This will be a working “brown bag” session wherein every moment counts.

After the Coaching Session, your Creative ART Coaches will provide follow-up email with links to their articles and classes.

As a Bonus: Elaine and April will also provide a series of "Tips for Creatives" emails - once per week for 8 weeks.

Cost for the Coaching Session and the Bonus "Tips for Creatives" is $75.


Creative ART Coaches April Rimpo & Elaine Weiner-Reed 

Combined, these credentialed artists offer over 75 years of artistic professional experience. Their different styles and backgrounds results in an exciting teaching experience. Their goal is to help others problem-solve and achieve their goals.

April M. Rimpo has taught a variety of art business classes as well as how-to painting classes.  Her Art of Business classes range in length from one to two-days in duration providing an overview of several topics along with hand-outs to give her students examples of how to accomplish their goals in these different areas. She has also given 2-hours sessions on short topics, such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • Online Marketing - How to use Newsletters, Blogs, and Social Media
  • Art and Science of Acceptance into Juried Shows
  • Art Critiques focused on helping the artist create a consistent body of work     
    She writes a blog where she reveals new art and includes business or how-to painting tips in her posts. https://aprilrimpoblog.amrart.org/  

April has completed painting demonstrations for several art groups and taught watercolor and fluid acrylic workshops for the Baltimore Watercolor Society, Columbia Art Center, and Patuxent Art League. These classes have included Creating Nighttime Landscapes and fluid acrylic and mixed media topics.

She has exhibited in 50 National or International exhibits since 2012 and participates in local exhibitions since moving to Maryland in 1997. She's had five solo exhibitions in the last six years. In the same timeframe, her art has been selected for a few small group and two-person exhibitions. April has received several awards, locally and nationally. She has been a juror of selection for three local exhibitions. April is proud that her artwork has been published in four North Light Books: Best of Acrylics books, AcrylicWorks3, 4 and 5; and Best of Watercolor, Splash 19. Her artwork is currently represented by HorseSpirit Arts Gallery in Savage, Maryland. 

Elaine Weiner-Reed views herself as a Creative Muse and Art Coach rather than instructor, despite a degree in Education and decades of mentoring. She has been called a critical thinker, problem-solver, and “idea person.” One of her strengths lies in helping others discern and fine-tune their unique voice, personal style, and creative vision. Elaine is a contributing author for the creative living-focused blog Live An Artful Life, her art-related blog posts including a three-part piece From Artist to Art to Art Shows, Building Bridges with Art, and Risking Everything For A Great Painting. She also publishes a blog https://www.elaineweinerreed.com/ that discusses a wide variety of art business topics, such as Painting in a Series.

She's held three several solo exhibitions in the last three years and combined has participated in over 35 National and International exhibitions. Her solo exhibitions are known for her collaboration with artists from other disciplines, who, inspired by her work, perform during events held in her exhibition space or gallery. She participated twice (2014 and 2017) and now has a standing invitation to an International Artists Residency in Poland sponsored by the Polish and EU Governments. Her work is in public collections in the U.S., Poland, and Italy. In November 2018, Elaine was selected as an Artist-in-Residence at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. Her painting “The Gathering – Still Waiting (Judgment Day)” will be published in North Light Books’ AcrylicWorks6 “Creative Energy” in April 2019.