How to Manage Managed Care

(ASH & Optum)


Webinar Topics:

  • How to complete ASH & Optum Medical Necessity Review forms
  • Tier levels and pre-approved visits
  • Out-of-Network & In-Network processing of ASH & Optum patients
  • How to submit strong initial care plans to support the # of visits being requested
  • Should you bill for all the services even if they weren't approved?
  • Important medical necessity appeal information
  • Sample care plans and SOAP notes provided
  • Learn how to collect cash - even if you're In-Network
  • How to use outcome measurements to get more visits approved, plus more!
  • Plus more!

Date: Thursday, July 13

Time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm ET

The webinar is 2 hours followed by Q&A 

Fees & Registration:

Live: $129 register

Recorded: $139 purchase

Both: $189 order

Members: No charge register

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