Wednesday January 14, 2015 from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM CDT
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About The Instructor

Susan Weinschenk is the founder and principal of the Weinschenk Institute.  She has a Ph.D. and has been a leader in User Experience for over 30 years. She applies research in psychology to predict, understand, and explain what motivates people and how they behave. Her clients call her  “The Brain Lady” because she reads and write about how the brain works. Dr. Weinschenk writes a popular blog: www.blog.theteamw.com, and is a regular blogger with Psychology Today 

Dr. Weinschenk is the author of several books, including How to Get People To Do Stuff and 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People.






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The Lean UX Workshop

Lean User Experience (UX) principles and processes help teams create products faster, and collaborate better. Lean UX comes out of a broader business strategy called Lean Strategy, made popular from Eric Ries' book, The Lean Start-up. It's a hit not only with start-ups, but also large organizations wanting to improve innovation. If you need to create innovative digital products and create them faster, then you need to understand Lean UX.  In this workshop you will learn:

  • what Lean UX is
  • why Lean UX is such a hot topic
  • how Lean UX can help your design process
  • the pros and cons of implementing Lean UX
  • tips for overcoming organizational obstacles

Whether you are new to Lean UX or you are in the process of implementing it, this workshop will clearly explain what it is, how to do it, and how to succeed at it. We'll take a hands-on approach. You'll not only learn the principles, but you will get to try out Lean UX on a case study first hand.


Workshop Agenda

Introduction To Lean UX

What is Lean UX and what it isn't

5 myths of Lean U

Myth 1:  it’s UX Light

Myth 2: it’s UX without producing deliverables

Myth 3: It’s UX if you are a UX team of one (i.e., you can’t do everything by yourself)

Myth 4: It’s the UX process you use if your development is Agile

 Myth 5: It’s new

The Precursor To Lean UX -- Lean Strategy

Lean Strategy Principles

Build/Measure/Learn feedbacks cycles 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Experimental hypotheses

Validated learning

Pivot decisions

Cross-functional teams

Where Lean UX fits in with Lean Strategy

Lean Strategy principles applied to Lean UX

What is a UX MVP?

Collaborative design

Creating and testing experimental design hypotheses


Continuous feedback loops with customers/users

Redefining UX Success from a Lean UX viewpoint 

Tips and Hints for Implementing Lean UX in your organization

Organizational issues/obstacles you are likely to encounter and how to deal with them

Who you need on board

What type of project to start with

What to do first

What to do next

How to measure your success