Wednesday April 13, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM PDT
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Nelson Hardiman attorneys Harry Nelson and Kathryn Russo advise a national clientele of addiction treatment providers and other behavioral healthcare organizations on regulatory compliance.  With deep experience representing residential and outpatient treatment centers, sober living and extended care, and mental health facilities and professionals, they offer strategic advice on business strategy, risk management, and a wide range of licensing, operational, and reimbursement issues. 


Gina Meyer 
American Addiction Treatment Association 

Webinar: What You Need to Stay Out of Trouble in Addiction Treatment Program Marketing 

Join Nelson Hardiman and the American Addiction Treatment Association on April 13th for their latest webinar "What You Need to Know to Stay Out of Trouble in Addiction Treatment Program Marketing." Learn more about legal and illegal marketing arrangements, as well as the legal ramifications of marketing-related activities, such as assisting patients to procure insurance coverage.

Overview: The recent surge in investigations of drug treatment programs in California, Florida, and other states has called attention to problematic marketing and recruiting practices in the industry.  As a result of a historically relaxed enforcement environment, some addiction treatment providers have developed methods of marketing that are considered by insurers to be fraudulent and abusive, including practices of signing up patients for insurance coverage and paying call centers for patient referrals.  

What will be covered*: You will learn about permissible and impermissible financial arrangements between treatment programs and marketers, the use of call centers, bed vouchers, and securing insurance on behalf of patients; the distinctive enforcement players who care about abusive marketing, enforcement trends highlighted by real examples, the legal ramifications of problematic practices, client privacy considerations and specific marketing practices to avoid and more:

Understanding the Distinct Enforcement Players Who Care About Abusive Marketing
Recent Enforcement Trends
Understanding the Fraud and Abuse Minefield Related to Marketing: Key Terms
What Laws Apply
California's Anti-Capping/Steering Laws
Understanding What is Legal in Hiring Marketers
Call Centers
Bed Vouchers
Securing Insurance
Waiving Patient Financial Responsibility
Urine Drug Testing
Avoiding False, Misleading or Deceptive Claims
Specific Marketing Problems to Avoid
Avoiding Client Privacy Violations in Marketing
The Bottom Line

Who will benefit: owners, operators, investors, and employees of residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs, and sober living facilities.  Health professionals, attorneys, marketers, and other professionals who work in addiction treatment will also benefit from this program.