Summer 2020, 9-3pm, ages 11-15 (overnight is 12-16)

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Our program is a boutique learning experience that is part camp/part art class. 2/3rds of the time is "on the go" shooting around Boston, the other 1/3rd editing & relaxing at the home teaching space near the Franklin Park Zoo. Downtime: Wii, boardgames, basketball hoop, Netflix, cards. Classes are for 7 students, ages 11-15 (see course description for alternate age ranges).  No phone use during class for any reason other than to communicate with family regarding pick up.


  • Classes are MONDAY-FRIDAY from 9-3pm.
  • Agendas with field trip and lunch spots sent the Thursday before class.
  • The lead teacher picks up the group at 9am and drops them at the end of the day at 3pm at the Soldier's Memorial ("the monument"), 1 South St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130). MAP YOU CANNOT BE LATE!
  • We supply Nikon DSLR cameras. Editing lessons in Lightroom.
  • Students bring lunch or lunch money daily. Water bottle suggested.
  • Bring a flash drive on the last day of class or buy one for $10.
  • Class FULL? Email Jenny to go on the waiting list,


  • DISCOUNT CODES: FREELUNCH $25 off if qualify for BPS free lunch.
  • 1/2 down required immediately to hold your spot.  
  • Final payments due May 1. 
  • Credit card payments Checks preferred: to Jennifer Connelly 136 Ruthven Street Boston 02121.
  • Refunds: A full refund will be given if your spot can be filled.

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ALL CLASSES ARE $465 and for 11-15 Year Olds unless otherwise noted

"Hip Hop/Beat-Making"  is 4 days and for 12-14 YO, $115 

July 20th is "in the works" and may be an overnight for 12-16 YO

ALSO!! I am currently researching 4 weeks of programming for July in Salem or Beverly-check back in March.



June 22-26: Photo Assignments 1 see below

June 29-July 3: Photo Assignments 2 Each day students have a different photo assignment while we explore the Hidden Gems of Boston.  Examples are: portraiture, landscape,  journalism, still life, travel, black & white, fashion. Two days will be spent on making proper exposures using our f-stop, shutter speed and ISO.  More advanced students can take it to another level with editing style and subject matter and focussing on technical elements of shutter speed and f-stop.  Newbies can get a grasp of what good photography is and their personal style.  Sample trips are to The Skate Park, Boston Common, The Old Manse, The North End, Salem, Eastie Marina and more.Take both of the above and get $50 off with code "TWOWEEKS" at check out.

July 6-10: Stories with Images Students will learn to put together images that tell a story using the building blocks of photography and their own sense of style.  Lessons in symbolism, close, medium and wide shots, adding perspective and subject matter, focal point and point of view. We will think about how when put together the images give us a broader, rich story. Sample field trips to Fort Revere, Charlestown, North End. 

July 6-10:  Photo 101 We spend the week focussing on the foundation tools for making great photos like foreground middle ground background, composition, lighting, framing and more.  Sample field trips to Copley Square, Boston Common, Eastie marina and Castle Island.

July 13-17: Class & Culture  Students will capture the same things like markets, parks, cars, gas stations, people, families, restaurants in various neighborhoods that are distinct by economic and cultural differences.  This will give us a visual comparison of different communities.  Sample field trips are to Beacon Hill, Eastie, Lynn, North Shore are like Rockport or Gloucester.  We will vote on both locations that deliver the diversity we are looking for but also choose some spots to have fun.

July 20-24: TBD possible overnight for 12-16 YO

July 20-24: Fashion & Portraiture  We will use the street as our background focussing on using natural light, posing, working with subjects and choosing backdrops.  We will also take a couple days to stage and shoot our own fashion sessions around the city and learn how to approach fashion photography. Sample trips to Eastie Marina, Salem, Underground at the Ink Block.

 July 27-31: Working with Natural Light & Choosing Backdrops We will explore proper use of light to highlight subjects, create mood and pleasing aesthetics.  We will also look at choosing the right backdrop to frame and enhance your subject.  Sometimes the backdrop comes first and then we wait for the right moment/subject to enter it. Sample field trips to Copley Square and BPL, ICA with boat ride to Eastie and Fort Revere.

July 27-31: Street & Documentary Students will learn to observe and then capture an image which speaks about the location they are in using tools like composition, decisive moment, motion in photos and black and white imagery. Sample trips to the Skate Park, Downtoen Crossing/Boston Common, Castle Island.

Aug 3-7: Summer in the City We will explore all the hot spots in Boston capturing both locals and tourists.  Lessons will be in journalism, composition, decisive moment and symbolism in photography.  Sample field trips to North End, Castle Island, Boston Common & Charlestown.

Aug 3-7: Coastal Boston This workshop takes us to waterways around Boston like "40 steps" in Nahant, Revere Beach, Castle Island, boat ride to Eastie from ICA.  Each day will have a photo challenge as we review and reinforce 2/3 rule of composition, black & white imagery, texture & landscape.

Aug 10-14: Surpise Surprise  - We are going to kick it Old School like we did when Big Picture first started in 2012. And NOT PLAN AHEAD. Technical and aesthetic tools used to express ourselves with our work will be explored.  All lessons and trips will be decided on the spot each day in order to keep creative juices open and flowing and not restricted.  We will only go places we all agree on. 

Aug 17-21: Simmer Down 1 Our vibe is reflection and winding down our summer.  The pace will be slower and field trips will be to peaceful spots like Nantucket Beach, 40 Steps Nahant and the Public Garden.  Each day will have a core lesson such as 2/3 rule, perspective, lighting, framing and foreground/middleground/background. 

Aug 17-21: Simmer Down 2 see above


July 13-16, 12-3pm, Mon-Th: History of Hip Hop & Intro to Making Beats with JJ,12-14 YO, $115 Study artists like GMF, Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc and learn to make beats in Garageband. Students must travel to/from the teaching space on their own (3 blocks from BLA). NO SHUTTLE from JP. JJ, Jenny's son, is a music student at Bunker Hill and a graduate of the O''Bryant School. *There may be explicit language in some audio/video clips.


Look for T-shirts at check out.  SMALL-XL sizes $20


Contact: Jennifer Connelly

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ABOUT TEACHER/OWNER JENNY: She has four kids, 3 in BPS, 1 in college.  She has been a photographer since 1994, see JenniferConnellyPhoto, & has her own school portrait company, Photo Charm.  

ABOUT YOUR TEACHER STEPHANIE:  Stephanie is a dance instructor, co-founder of her own dance company We B Dancin and professional photographer also working in video media since 2001.


Pick up/drop off in Jamaica Plain at the Soldier's Memorial, 1 South Street. Editing, lessons, downtime are at the Big Picture Home Teaching Space.